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"I am so thankful for the service I received from Mr. Harvatin and his staff. Through I was fully reinstated after several years without his driving privileges. Thank you so much!"

- Anonymous

"You have not only given me my life back, you have given my parents their lives back. Thank you so very much. On January 16th I was issued my driver's license. It's been a long 9 years. Now, because of you I can be hired for the career I've been working so hard for. Thank you."

- Erin D. - IL

"From first contact to final resolution, every step went according to the sequence and time frame laid out by Ted at the initial consultation. Throughout the process it was evident that Ted knows the ins and outs of proceedings with the Secretary of State's Office. Also evident was the respect that SOS officers have for Ted - a plus for clients."

- Ralph H. - IL

"Unfortunately I've had to employ the services of quite a few attorneys in my life and I had my best experience with Ted."

- Tim S. - IL

"My experience with Harvatin Law Offices has been wonderful! My driving privileges were taken 12 years ago. After being represented by Ted Harvatin, my license has been reinstated. Thank Ted!"

- Stacy W. - IL

"My expectations were surpassed! The staff was helpful and Mr. Harvatin was talented and quite effective. The time line was much quicker than I had hoped."

- Jack D. - IL

"Very awesome experience, Harvatin was able to set clear expectations for me during the hearing. I wish I would have hired Mr. Harvatin for my first hearing!"

- Jason W. - IL

"Harvatin Law Office and Staff are very knowledgeable and efficient. Very professional. I had a good experience with the firm. I could not have navigated myself through the State's procedures without Harvatin Law."

- Michael H. - IL

"Well worth the money! Ted was professional and the staff was very helpful."

- Katie P. - IL

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with me getting my RDP on the 1st hearing considering it was my 2nd DUI in Illinois!! I couldn't have had the same result without your help. I would recommend your services in a heartbeat! Thanks again."

- John B. - IL

"I had 6 dui's, I didn't think I would ever get it back (driver's lic) ... Mr. Harvatin had it done on the first try ... awesome!!!! Why waste time & money, thank you Ted and office Team!"

- James S. - FL

"I want to thank you for helping me get my driver privileges back. I just received my license today. I also wanted to thank you for helping me face this situation with honesty. There are a lot of lawyers who would tell me to lie to the SOS about my drinking habit and troubles with the law. I not only wanted to thank you for your honesty, but to thank you for aiding me in the abstinence from alcohol. I also wanted to let you know that I really feel good about the way my life has been going since I stopped drinking in Jan. 2008. Keep up the good work Ted. I know your law firm had a hand in helping me to quit drinking and moving on from this situation. If I would have used a dishonest lawyer and not done things correctly, I would probably still be drinking."

- Phil Z. - Michigan

"They handled everything, they leave no stone unturned, after two unsuccessful attempts to get my license back on my own, I knew I was gonna need someone to help me meet and understand all the requirements the State of Illinois needed. I couldn't believe when I actually got my license back on the first try with Mr. Harvatin. I can't thank him enough!!!"

- T. Davis - Illinois

"After 2 DUI's Ted got my license back after the first formal hearing. I would NOT recommend ANYONE attending a formal hearing without his help. The knowledge and experience he contributes WILL make the difference! Now, looking back, there is NO way I would have been able to have been granted full reinstatement without Ted's assistance. Less than a month after the hearing I was legally driving again."

- Joe L. - Illinois

"Very friendly with myself and family. Extremely helpful with navigating the courts and their regulations. Mr. Harvatin made the process painless and easy. Do I believe I received good value for my money? Yes, Bail - $100, DUI - $1,200, Alcohol classes - $800, having Ted Harvatin Law get my license back after 8 years, PRICELESS!"

- Adam G. - Illinois

"I found that Ted and his associates were always on top of anything that the legal system would throw at them. I believe Ted's team is worth every cent I paid to them and much more! I would recommend Ted's team to anybody who could comprehend what a challenge they would be up against in getting their driving privileges reinstated with the Secretary of State in Illinois."

- Prentiss W. - Illinois

"The professionalism in which the Harvatin Law Office handled my case led to results which transcended my expectations. In addition to being an educational process, the speed in which my legal matters were concluded was very impressive. I believe the value received from the Harvatin Law Office could not be matched. I highly recommend Harvatin Law Offices to anyone in Illinois who is in the need of solid legal advice and/or representation."

- James N. - FL

"My experience with your office was fantastic. Your experience, service and professionalism exceeded my expectations and allayed alot of my anxiety during the process. Without a doubt your service is a terrific value. I would recommend Mr. Harvatin's services very enthusiastically to anyone embarking on their journey of reinstating their license. I am holding an AZ driver's license today!"

- Brian W. - Arizona

"Excellent value. I paid $2,000 to another lawyer to handle my legal problems initially and all that lawyer did was delay my trial and cost me 11 months of driving privileges. I feel like that money was wasted when I now realize that I could have received better representation for less."

- Nick M. - Illinois

"That is fantastic news! Thank you so much for everything: giving me the heads up on the good news, cracking a joke or two in the hearing to lighten the mood (that made everything a little less nerve racking), etc. I am definitely happy with my attorney decision."

- Chris V. - California

"Thank you so much for your help these past 2 years ... Firstly, with assisting in getting the Restricted Driving Permit and now (fingers crossed) my full reinstatement. You have been a very warm and kind figure to me in this huge mess I made 5 years ago. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to represent me and for that I am truly thankful. I hope you never hear my name again."

- Emily V. - Illinois

"Didn't think I had a chance and got my permit the first time. Went back 10 months later and got full reinstatement. I didn't think I had a shot but Mr. Harvatin helped me out a lot and I think he did a wonderful job. Thank-you - Worth every penny."

- David K. - Illinois

"My experience was great. Mr. Harvatin was very helpful as well as knowledgeable about what needed to be done. He took care of me on a personal basis."

- Ben M. - Illinois

"Harvatin Law has helped me tremendously in obtaining drivers license reinstatement. Without them I could not have achieved this goal in this short of a time frame."

- Robert E. - Illinois

"In a very short time I began to feel that I was in capable hands. Mr. Harvatin was honest and straightforward in explaining the process. I felt prepared and confident at the Hearing. Being reinstated after the first attempt exceeded my expectations! There is no substitute for experience and the service I received was worth at least twice what I paid."

- Ralph C. - Missouri

"Very pleasant experience, they are a law office that returns your phone calls and treat you like a person, not just a number. It was worth every dime. I would recommend Harvatin Law Offices to anyone and have already. Very professional."

- Paul K. - Missouri


- James D. - Illinois

"I received outstanding, professional guidance and representation from Mr. Harvatin and his staff. Without Mr. Harvatin's direction I would have been completely unprepared for the hearing and very likely denied the restoration of my driving privileges. I would highly recommend Harvatin Law Offices to anyone in need of legal representation in their driver's license matter."

- Stephan W. - Kentucky

"I interviewed several lawyers and chose Mr. Harvatin and his team because of their knowledge, experience, and proven track record. This was the best decision I have ever made."

- Edward K. - N. Carolina

"Thank you for your professionalism in representing me and guiding me through the process. Without you spearheading the case I would have been totally unprepared and very likely denied."

- Stephan W. - Kentucky

"I was treated with respect and a true sense of caring. Also, I was taken along the process with down to earth leadership. I will be telling everyone about Ted!"

- Linda M. - Texas

"I have had two separate experiences with Ted Harvatin Law Offices. I applied for a RDP and got it. I applied for my license the next year and got it as well. The outcome was great with both experiences."

- Chris B.

"Attention to detail! Mr. Harvatin got me back on the road after my first hearing, when others told me they could not. Excellent!"

- Scott E.

"The Illinois Bar Association - Legal - should give an award! Professionalism, privacy, experience, knowledge, above top of the line. I will speak often and to many regarding this firm and Mr. Harvatin."

- Jennifer S.

"In my current state of euphoria (naturally), I would have to say it was most enlightening as well as pensive at times. Mr. Harvatin's forthrightness can be frightening if one comes seeking assistance unprepared for battle. He is most assuredly good at what he does and he exudes willful conscientiousness."

- Martin R.

"You were very easy to work with and I would recommend your services to anyone seeking treatment and license reinstatement. Thank you also for the documents and paperwork you provided for me."

- Ed C.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for helping get my driver’s license back. I feel like I can now move on with my life and have freedom again.”

- Tom and Michelle J.

“To you, Ted, thanks so much for all that you’ve done. We sure wish we would have came to you a long time ago. You sure made Derek feel better about himself after talking with you.”

- Derek and Ann W.

“My experience was very helpful, supportive, and understanding. They were always there when I had a question or needed help. I couldn’t have gotten through it all without their help.”

- Brooke S. (lost her license due to altered ID)

“Harvatin Law Office provided the expertise I needed to get my license back.”

- James B. (who had 4 DUI’s)

“The people at Harvatin Law Offices are true, honest professionals who looked to achieve the best outcome for individuals. The people give 100% effort and satisfy the customer/client to the best of the situation.”

- Michael C.

“Harvatin Law firm saved me a lot of money and time. I have and will in the future recommend them to others. Thank you very much Mr. Harvatin and staff.”

- Janet M.

“My experiences were that you were very knowledgeable about my case and answered all my questions completely.”

- Kelly W.

“I was very pleased with the help he gave me in helping me get my license back.”

- Christopher M.

“I most definitely received good value for my money.”

- William M.

“To sum it up-you pay for what you get and in my case, Mr. Harvatin went to bat for me and got me my driving permit to work.”

- Chris M.

“My experience was fantastic. Everyone goes out of their way to help you.”

- Charles C.

“After representing myself twice at hearings and being denied, I had Mr. Harvatin represent me at my third hearing. Due to no fault of Mr. Harvatin’s, I was denied a third time. Because of his experience and knowledge of the system, he was able to recognize the inconsistencies in the State’s case and had my third denial reversed, having my driving privileges reinstated without restrictions.”

- Thomas S.

“They kept me well informed of what was going on and always returned my calls. They were very thorough.”

- Grace H.

“We just wanted to thank you for all your help with David’s hearing. We felt very comfortable with you and we feel you did a wonderful job. We would not hesitate to refer you to anyone of our family members and friends.”

- Dave and Lisa D.

“My experience was excellent! We received prompt, courteous service. Ted and his staff were great – we didn’t have to do anything.”

- Mike H.

“Mr. Harvatin was very professional and I would recommend him to anyone.”

- Eric S.

“They have some of the most helpful staff I have ever dealt with. They go out of their way for you to understand the system that you must deal with to be successful in obtaining a driver’s permit or full reinstatement of your license.”

- Dave M.

“Everything went great! Lots of people told me it would take two or three times before I would get reinstated. You did it the first time. Thank you.”

- Michael M.

“Very good, I had all questions answered. The process was clearly explained and when I called with additional questions or concerns, I was given attention or called back with the answers I needed.”

- Greg S. (Out of state resident)

“I will never forget my trips to your office. Upon arrival I was definitely treated very well by all. I wish I would have come to you in the first place.”

- Paul A.

“The money I spent on retaining Mr. Harvatin’s services was well spent. I only wish that I would have known of and retained Mr. Harvatin’s services much earlier.”

- Danny N. (Reinstated the first time with HLO representation after previous denials.)

“Good service, prompt attention and fast and secure responses.”

- Miguel M. (Out of state resident reinstated the first time he submitted a packet)

“I appreciate you going over every possible aspect of the hearing and for helping to put me at ease during the hearing. I couldn’t have asked for a better job to be done.”

- Emily V. (Granted a permit at first hearing with HLO after multiple previous denials)

“It was finally a chance to feel like things were really going to change for the better! If anyone is seriously trying to get their driving privileges back and has been getting the thumbs down, call Mr. Harvatin.”

- James H. (Reinstated at first hearing after a fatal accident)

“Top of the line law firm. I was very pleased to have the firms help. Very professional firm. They told me from the start what would happen and it did.”

- Tim S. (Out of State resident who was reinstated after first packet was submitted)

“During my drivers license reinstatement process Ted gave me quality representation that is a must in a formal hearing. I am very grateful! Harvatin Law Offices provides knowledgeable, straight forward representation for an affordable price.”

- Duane W.

“My first contact through phone, very helpful, listened, got important information needed and returned information needed to know what steps need taken for them to assist. Kind, warm, easy to talk to people. I think the service was outstanding, the cost was somewhat high for representation.”

- Michelle R.

“You folks have made me believe that there are still good people left that believe in right from wrong. I think that you honestly care if justice does prevail.” – Walter V.

I can’t believe with my poor driving record that Mr. Harvatin was able to get me reinstated at our first hearing. I am truly grateful.”

- Steve H. (Reinstated at first hearing after three DUIs)

“It is a relaxing feeling to have the control in the hands of your firm at a very stressful point during a hearing day. The initial shock of the price draws up questions, but the results speak for themselves.”

- Derek W.

“The time and effort I would have had to put in without the firm would have been incredible. It was definitely worth every penny to use Harvatin’s services. I would recommend Harvatin Law Offices to anyone seeking license reinstatement.”

- Steve P.

“Receiving the letter in the mail yesterday, that stated my husband John has been approved for a restricted driving permit on his first attempt, brought much needed relief to me. Just reading the first line brought me to tears, tears of joy. John had been disappointed in the past with these hearings, but we had the utmost faith in Mr. Harvatin.”

- Karlene C.

“Having been denied a couple of times, plus paying a lawyer and not having all paperwork at the hearing, I did feel a tad bit more secure even though I had gone twice in front of the hearing board without a lawyer and had everything.”

- Dale W.

“Very knowledgeable, professional and competent. Knew just what to do. A lot of money (for us) but a valuable service that we needed.”

- Trista R.

“I was treated as a person and not just another court case. I have paid a lot more and gotten a lot less in the past by other firms.”

- Karl T.

“Prompt, courteous and efficient. For an out-of-state applicant the law offices provide competent advice for a complex clearance process.”

- Malcolm L. (reinstated with first out of state packet submission)

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