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Stacie R.

Driver's License Reinstatement Administrator. Mr. Harvatin is a good teacher and you can be assured that Stacie has learned the process well. She is very knowledgeable and is here to answer your questions and walk you through the many requirements necessary in obtaining and collecting all the documentation necessary to complete each step of the Illinois driver's license hearing process, from your initial contact with our office until the day of your hearing. Rest assured that while she knows a lot, Stacie is not a lawyer and when she is not sure, rather than "winging it", she does solicit Mr. Harvatin's advice.

Rose P.

Paralegal. With paralegal certification and decades of experience, Rose is Mr. Harvatin's right hand when it comes to helping him submit out-of-state packets to release Illinois holds preventing you from obtaining a driver's license in a new state. On annual basis, Rose handles no fewer than 50 packets. We estimate than since she undertook this responsibility 10 years ago, she has had her hands on several hundred of them.

Melissa M.

Melissa is a client intake specialist. She provides free phone consultations and collects information from potential clients in order to give them a quote for a retainer. She is the first step in getting them started on the hearing process. She then gets the client's information and documents to Stacie or Rose and ultimately Mr. Harvatin.

Maureen K.

Bookkeeper. Maureen handles all of the daily financial transactions. Maureen's position requires extreme accuracy, total honesty, and substantial responsibility. Her work spans accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, general accounting, general ledger and payroll. Maureen has been with Harvatin Law Offices since the early 90's.

Gigi J.

Receptionist and administrative assistant, Gigi directs all incoming phone calls and greets clients in the office. She also handles filing, correspondence with clients, and assists with maintaining necessary office supplies for the building. Her work requires flexibility, the ability to multitask, and strong organizational skills.

A Brief History of Our Facility

Like many surviving Springfield, Illinois mansions, the Colonel Henry Davis House at the corner of Fifth and Allen has gone through several lives over the past century.

Built around 1900 for wealthy financier Colonel Henry Davis and his wife, Niana, it was a social center for the town's elite. Twelve years after Henry died in 1929, his widow leased the mansion to the Illinois State Police, which used it for its Traffic Safety Section headquarters until the mid 1950s. After a period of vacancy, the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind purchased the building in 1958. The institution provided a residence for blind people until 1983. Since then, the Davis Mansion has been home to a variety of business, including its present use as our law office.

Most of our clients comment upon the handcrafted oak and walnut finishes in the waiting area which originally was the vestibule when the building was used as a home. In addition, the detail in Mr. Harvatin's office (the "drawing room" when the building was a personal residence) can only be described as spectacular.

The parking lot is immediately behind the building and provides ample free parking. The office is located approximately 10 blocks from where driver's license hearings are held. If you are not familiar with the area, you need not worry about driving a long distance from our offices to the hearing.

Client Reviews
"I am so glad I was referred to Mr. Harvatin. In no time he took care of the problem. A bad informal hearing decision was amended in favor of reinstatement. When Mr. Harvatin speaks, the Illinois Secretary of State listens. You want him as your attorney." Pam
"I contacted Mr. Harvatin, with a lifetime suspension. He was accurate and followed thru with a vast understanding of the legal system. In less than 5 months license fully reinstated! Ethical, professional. 100% Recommended. God bless Ted and his team!!!" Mark
"Ted completely changed my life. He helped me get approved to get my license back and that's an incredible life changer for me and an incredible help to moving on with my life. " Jayme
"They are are very professional and well worth the fee. I felt loss till I found them and they put me on track... Thank you so much. " N.W.
"After some bad informal hearing decisions I was not sure what to do next. Mr. Harvatin said he would get it straightened out and he got the job done. Do yourself a favor and hire the expert." Micah
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