Treatment and Relapse History

The Springfield driver’s license hearing lawyers of Harvatin Law Offices are devoted to helping motorists recover their driving privileges. We provide skilled legal service and counsel, personal attention, and a record of success, without the hefty bills and impersonal shuffling of cases you might find in the big city. Let us help you fight your case early, from the first hearing, to save you unnecessary delays and expenses.

The Road to Reinstatement

Once your driver’s license is suspended or revoked for a DUI-related offense, you will have to overcome numerous hurdles to restore it. The first requires proof that you do not have a drug or alcohol problem and are not a threat to public safety.

Mandatory Substance Abuse Evaluation

This is a critical step to relief. The evaluation must be accurately classify your level of risk and identify the proper treatment requirements. Improper classification and recovery standards are leading causes of denials.

A proper evaluation does not only plug the number of DUI dispositions and BAC levels into an equation, but considers other factors, including a prior history of substance abuse or “symptoms” of substance abuse. An experienced attorney can guide you to the most competent evaluator to prevent these issues.

Treatment and Relapse History

Deficient evaluations often fail to correlate the person’s arrest and substance abuse history. As an example, if the evaluation reports “occasional” drinking, but the person’s DUI arrests and BAC levels indicate a high tolerance, the evidence lacks credibility.

Similarly, the failure to identify the underlying causes of abuse or assign a proper treatment program tips the odds against successful completion. Those who undergo “generic” treatment just to get the required documentation can rarely prove that this “cure” adequately addressed the problem.

The subject is also less likely to continue participating in the continuing-care plan required for relief. DUI offenders must therefore work closely with an attorney to find a treatment plan that both works for the individual and is acceptable to the Secretary of State.

Get the Legal Support and Treatment You Need

At Harvatin Law Offices, our driver’s license hearing attorneys know that finding the correct evaluator is a roll of the dice if you are unfamiliar with the process. Without the proper legal guidance, proving 12 months of “non-problematic use” or abstinence is even harder. That is why we encourage coming to us from the beginning. After 15 years as a hearing officer, Mr. Harvatin has the experience and inside knowledge necessary to help you succeed. Trying to navigate the hearings alone is not only a waste of time and money, but can seriously hurt your case.

But even if you have already been denied relief, we will make sure you get the best evaluation that fits your needs. We work closely with you to determine the best way to stay. You do not need to go to Chicago to get help: Harvatin Law Offices is a local law firm that truly values your success. Call (217) 525-0520 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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