Drunk Driving/DUI Resource Links

National Commission Against Drunk Driving
NCADD develops strategies and programs focusing on the reduction of incidents of driving while impaired.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Dedicated to stopping drunk driving, supporting victims, and preventing underage drinking.

Impaired Driving Division - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Developing partnerships to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce traffic-related health care costs resulting from impaired driving.

Alcohol Q&A: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Questions and answers on drunk driving, laws, and alcohol-related crashes.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Impaired Driving
Facts, data, publications, and more information involving impaired drivers.

The Century Council
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking.

Impaired Driving on Trial
Information on detecting drunk drivers on the roads and highways.

American Council On Alcoholism
A national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the effects of alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and affordable alcohol treatment programs.

How a DUI Conviction Affects Your Insurance
Description of the affects that a DUI may have on an insured's auto policy, from insure.com, an online consumer insurance information service.

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